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Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid as I Knew Them: Reminiscences of John P. Meadows

Edited by John P. Wilson

Cowboy, army guide, farmer, peace officer, and character in his own right, John P. Meadows arrived in New Mexico from Texas as a young man. During his life in the Southwest, he knew or worked for many well-known characters, including William “Billy the Kid” Bonney, Sheriff Pat Garrett, John Selman, Hugh Beckwith, Charlie Siringo, and Pat Coghlan. Meadows helped investigate the disappearance of Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain, and he later bought part of downtown Tularosa, New Mexico, where he served a term as mayor.

The recollections gathered here are based on Meadows’s interviews with a reporter for the Alamogordo News, a partial transcript of his reminiscences given at the Lincoln State Monument, and a talk he gave by invitation in Roswell, New Mexico, to refute inaccuracies in the 1930 MGM movie Billy the Kid.


John P. Wilson is also the editor of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid as I Knew Them: Reminiscences of John P. Meadow and When the Texans Came: Missing Records from the Civil War in the Southwest, 1861–1862.


"John Wilson has done a marvelous job of editing these unique recollections. Pat Garret and Billy the Kid is history at its best and history as we wish it could always be. . . a vivid, tragic tale, full of the drama and color of the Wild West, a must read for any love of this era in America's history."


The Advocate, TX

"Wilson now presents a most important and interesting reminiscence of one of the lesser-known individuals of the late 19th century New Mexico history: John P. Meadows."


Western Oultaw-Lawman History Association

"Anyone who likes reading authentic histories of New Mexico's frontier days will welcome this book containing reminiscences of John P. Meadows. . . . Editor Wilson puts Meadows's stories in historical context with an excellent introduction and epilogue."


New Mexico Magazine

"(Meadows) story is a fascinating and easy-to-read narrativeof life in the rugged frontier, which was wild and woolly even when Garrett and the Kid weren't around."


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