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The Lore of New Mexico

Second Edition, Abridged

Marta Weigle
Peter White

First published in 1988, this award-winning compendium of New Mexico's folklore is now available in a shorter, easier to use, updated edition.

"A masterful encyclopedia. . . . a superb reference to historical folklore traditions in New Mexico up to World War II. It will stand alone as an invaluable synthesis of history, literature, ethnography, and material culture."-- Journal of the Southwest

"The central theme of the book is the concept of New Mexico life as a multiethnic experience drawn from the Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures. The work is part history, part ethnography, and part anthropology. . . . This is a work that should appeal to all aficionados of New Mexican history and life. . . . A delight to read."-- Journal of the West

"Demonstrates in a dramatic fashion that the subject matter of folklore is not the quaint and peripheral cultural bypaths of bygone days, but rather a means of approaching the basic attitudes, beliefs, and ways of thinking about things on which much cultural behavior is based. This is a good, thought-provoking job on a monumental task."-- Journal of Arizona History

"Jam-packed with drama and information. . . . For the newcomer, the long-time resident and the lifetime native of New Mexico, this book will be a delight."-- New Mexico Magazine


Marta Weigle is University Regents Professor of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico.

Peter White is professor of English and dean of University College at the University of New Mexico.


"Wonderful that this sumptuos collection of Southwestern lore is back in print."


Storytelling Magazine

"This new edition is updated, shorter and easier to use. . . . It is the source book for New Mexico folklore, an encyclopedia of history, tradition and culture."


Enchantment New Mexico

" The Lore of New Mexico is packed with enough wild tales of the state and its people to merit a place of honor on the bookshelves of lifelong residents and newcomers alike."


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8.5 x 11 in. 471 pages 2 drawings, 163 halftones, 6 maps