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Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby

Photographs by Craig Varjabedian

"With a vintage lens and an eye on regional America, Varjabedian captures both the spirit of place and the sense of enduring culture in the Southwest. His imagery comments upon landscape, culture, and how the two influence and imprint each other. Sometimes tinged with religiosity, sometimes humorous, his photographs have an intense clarity that befits his subject: New Mexico."--Gerald P. Peters, Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, Dallas, New York

For more than twenty years, Craig Varjabedian has explored and photographed the red cliffs and sweeping plains of the fabled 21,000-acre Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico. In Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby, he shares over ninety new duotone photographs capturing its evanescent light. These images reach beyond familiar ideas associated with the Ranch--such as its renown as a site of personal renewal and transformation--into Varjabedian's singular vision of his subject and its ties to ideas of identity, place, and perception.

To further illuminate the experience of Ghost Ranch, Varjabedian gathered an "appreciation" of Ghost Ranch, written by Georgia O'Keeffe, and essays written to accompany his photographs. These include an evocative introduction by photographer Jay Packer, an essay by writer Marin Sardy examining the place's natural features and social history, and topical essays by theological studies professor Belden C. Lane, arts writer Douglas A. Fairfield, and former Ghost Ranch executive director Rob Craig. Also included are forewords by Cathy L. Wright, director of the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, and Debra Hepler, executive director of Ghost Ranch.


Craig Varjabedian, an award-winning photographer widely collected by museums and connoisseurs, has lived and worked in New Mexico for more than twenty-five years.


"In seven years exploring and backpacking O'Keeffe country Varjabedian retraces the artist's footsteps, reinterpreting Ghost Ranch's iconic scenery in 110 breathtaking black-and-white photographs."


New Mexico Magazine

"This fascinating compendium of compelling images is....a unique and recommended addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library American photographer collections."


Midwest Book Review

"Packed with not only (Varjabedian's) stunning photography of the place, but also with assorted essays, notations, comments, and journal entries concerning the area by innumerable sources, including Georgia O'Keefe, ( Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby) showcases the simultaneously morbid and lively beauty of this national treasure."


Sacramento Book Review

"This book offers a beautiful collection of 99 duotone images that expertly capture the essence of the desert and allow the reader to experience the natural wonders that have captured the hearts of so many talented people."



"( Ghost Ranch and the Faraway Nearby) handsomely reproduces (Varjabedian's) black and white photographs that portray the parched New Mexican soil under tumultuous skies that spoke to and so captured Georgia O'Keeffe's creative imagination."


Journal of the Print World

"This gorgeous book illuminates the unique beauty of Ghost Ranch as well as Varjabedian's talent as a landscape photographer."


Art Libraries Society of North America

12 x 9 in. 144 pages 98 duotones, 1 map