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Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest

Arthur Rohn
William Ferguson

Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest offers a complete picture of Puebloan culture from its prehistoric beginnings through twenty-five hundred years of growth and change, ending with the modern-day Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona.

Aerial and ground photographs, over 325 in color, and sixty settlement plans provide an armchair trip to ruins that are open to the public and that may be visited or viewed from nearby. Included, too, are the living pueblos from Taos in north central New Mexico along the Rio Grande Valley to Isleta, and westward through Acoma and Zuni to the Hopi pueblos in Arizona.

In addition to the architecture of the ruins, Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest gives a detailed overview of the Pueblo Indians' lifestyles including their spiritual practices, food, clothing, shelter, physical appearance, tools, government, water management, trade, ceramics, and migrations.


A former rancher, writer, banker, lawyer, and state official, the late William M. Ferguson wrote six books on Southwest U.S. and Mesoamerica ruins.

Arthur H. Rohn, former chair of anthropology at Wichita State University, is now an independent consulting anthropologist and archaeologist who lives in Tucson, Arizona.


"Puebloan communities carved out of Southwestern landscapes from Colorado to Arizona and New Mexico are the focus of a wonderfully illustrated book from University of New Mexico Press called Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest."


Albuquerque Journal

" Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest is the type of book that families will want to leave sitting on the coffee table...interesting information will be quickly garnered."


Deseret News, UT

"This beautifully illustrated guide should intrigue anyone with an interest in history, archaeology and ancient and modern lifestyles of our indigenous cultures."


Las Cruces Sun-News

"For anyone with an interest in the prehistoric ruins of the Southwest this is a must-have volume."


"...a valuable resource..."


New Mexico Historical Review

" Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest..brings to colorful life the vivid legacy of our past desert communities."


Tucson Weekly

8.5 x 11 in. 336 pages 327 color plates., 63 drawings, 7 halftones, 21 maps, 2 charts