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For the Love of a Horse

Max Evans

In his eighty-plus years, Max Evans has known, owned, ridden, and been thrown by quite a number of horses. In For the Love of a Horse, Evans shares his favorite horse stories for all to enjoy. As Max explains, "I wanted a wide range of adventures from another time, with different horses, of different breeds, and a sense of history of those special days."

Max begins with his first horse, Cricket, which he received when he was four years old. At the age of ten, he helped with a horse-drive from far southeast New Mexico, through west Texas, and on to the final destination in Guymon, Oklahoma. Later, PDQ was a horse that seemed very gentle and laid-back, until someone rode him. And then there was Molly, who liked to fly through and around obstacles on coyote hunts.

This book is for all those who enjoy reading horse stories as much as Max loves telling them. Saddle up!

"The recognition is long overdue. (Max Evans is) sui generis. He understands the present West better than anyone else, what it's like to be there now living in two worlds of the pickup truck and the bronco."--Charles Champlin, former Denver bureau chief of Time and retired arts editor of The Los Angeles Times, quoted in The New York Times


Max Evans, novelist, artist, scriptwriter, former cowboy, miner, and dealer in antiquities, resides in Albuquerque. He received the Owen Wister Award for lifelong contributions to the field of western literature from the Western Writers of America.

Lincoln Bramwell received his Ph.D. in history from the University of New Mexico.


"Here's the West as it was and is, so saddle up those armchairs."


True West Magazine

"...(a) wonderful collection."


American Cowboy

" entertaining memoir."


Dallas Morning News

"...memories are fondly recounted and Evans finds the mettle in each of these equine characters as he says his 'adios amigos.'"


Santa Fe New Mexican

"Get Max Evans started on horses and his words tumble out like pretty and smooth as a white gelding with a wondrous gait."


The Albuquerque Tribune

"For readers interested in an authentic and memorable history of the daily events that occupied the lives of ranchers during the peak years of the cattle business, I highly recommend this rare collection of true stories."


The Journal of Arizona History

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