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Children of Time: Evolution and the Human Story

Anne H. Weaver
Illustrated by Matt Celeskey

Winner of the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards for Juvenile Book and Science

Ancient relics--stone tools, bones, footprints, and even DNA--offer many clues about our human ancestors and how they lived. At the same time, our kinship with our human ancestors lies as much in their sense of humor, their interactions with others, their curiosity and their moments of wonder, as it does in the shape of their bones and teeth. And the evolution of human behavior left no direct fossil traces.

Children of Time brings this vanished aspect of the human past to life through Anne Weaver's scientifically- informed imagination. The stories move through time, following the lives of long-ago hominins through the eyes of their children. Each carefully researched chapter is based on an actual child fossil--a baby, a five-year- old, a young adolescent, and teenagers. The children and their families are brought to life through illustrator Matt Celeskey's vividly rendered paleoenvironments where they encounter saber-toothed cats, giraffids, wild dogs, fearsome crocodiles, and primitive horses. Their adventures invite readers to think about what it means to be human, and to speculate on the human drama as it unfolds in many dimensions, from social organization and technology to language, music, art, and religious consciousness.

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Matt Celeskey is a natural history illustrator whose work has appeared in numerous exhibits and publications. He is currently an exhibit designer at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.


"Children of Time is an absolutely wonderful book that takes a completely novel approach to the story of human evolution. The stories included in this collection are told through the eyes of 'fossil' children, our actual human ancestors, such as a young Australopithecus or Homo habilis child. It's all backed up with fascinating science from the original fossil discoveries. Anne Weaver's text is an easy and fun read that folks of all ages will find engaging. Matt Celeskey's wonderful and highly accurate illustrations makes it all come alive for the reader."


Ray Troll, artist; illustrator of Sharkabet: A Sea of Sharks from A to Z and Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway

"Anne Weaver is a professional paleoanthropologist who also happens to write great science books for children. Her Voyage of the Beetle was a big hit with my grandchildren. Written for middle-school aged children, Children of Time is a series of stories about early hominin youngsters, told from the vantage point of children. Each chapter ends with an up-to-date and accurate section about the science behind the story. This book has scientific integrity and should excite the imaginations of young adventurers everywhere!"


Dean Falk, Ph.D., Senior Scholar, School of Advanced Research; author of The Fossil Chronicles: How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed our View of Human Evolution

"You have truly found your niche in bringing evolution, and especially human evolution, to children. All too often we 'old folks' (some of us older than others) are too set in our ideas of what the world has to offer, but children are ready to have their eyes opened and exposed to ideas and different worlds. You have done a wonderful job of bringing the world of past humans to children through this book. I hope that it gets to enough of them to make them interested in where we come from and, ultimately, what it means to be 'human.' Congratulations on it, and please keep it up. There are plenty of us who look at the little details of the old bones; we need people like you to bring it to the larger world."


Dr. Erik Trinkaus, Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor of Physical Anthropology, St. Louis University; member of the American Academy of Sciences and author of In Search of the Neandertals

" Children of Time: Evolution and the Human Story by Anne Weaver is one of the best books about evolution for young people that I have ever read. Combining very accurate information about our ancestors with delightful stories, and Matt Celeskey's marvelous illustrations, make this a book I would recommend to all readers who are interested in Pre-history."


Jean M. Auel, author of The Clan of the Cave Bear

8.5 x 9.5 in. 192 pages 63 color plates., 1 maps