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Lucian Niemeyer

Darfur, located in westernmost Sudan, is that nation's largest region, situated on the border with Chad. For centuries, northern Sudan has been predominantly Arab Muslim and the south, black African. Ruled as a colonial state by, primarily, Egypt and Britain, Sudan was granted independence in 1956 with Khartoum, in the northern Arab Muslim territory, as its seat of power.

In 1983, the Sudanese government announced that all of Sudan would officially be a Muslim country. The "sharia," the Muslim code of laws, became the rule: those not Muslim are deemed unclean and infidels. Southern Sudan began resisting the genocide waged by the Muslim north. This resistance led to the 1992 announcement of a holy jihad by the Sudanese government, leading to today's humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

"Lucian Niemeyer understands that to truly tell the story of the turmoil in Darfur and Sudan one must understand the history and root causes that brought the Sudan and its people to this situation. His breathtaking photographs and compelling narrative tell the definitive story of the conflict and will help the readers across the globe to understand the true nature of the genocide and the people caught up in it every day. . . . I applaud him for this wonderful book and join him in his urgent cry for help for those oppressed in Sudan who cannot speak for themselves."--Governor Bill Richardson, from the Foreword


Bill Richardson is the governor of New Mexico and served as the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations in 1997.

Lucian Niemeyer is a professional photographer who operates out of Santa Fe. He has traveled the world, photographing human and environmental conditions. He is author and photographer of numerous books including Chesapeake Country, Okefenokee, and Old Order Amish.


"The photojournalist-style images in this collection are striking both in their composition and in their ability to capture the reality of life in Darfur, be it heartbreaking or hopeful."


New Mexico Magazine

"While 'Darfur' has become a buzzword in current talks of genocide and human rights, few people truly understand the roots of the conflict in Sudan. Even fewer have seen it firsthand. Santa Fe photojournalist Lucian Niemeyer is one of the few. He has made a career of documenting foreign cultures and creating awareness for the suffering.... Darfur features his compelling photographs and narration of the historical roots of the conflict in Sudan..."


Santa Fe Reporter

12 x 9 in. 104 pages 84 color plates, 1 maps