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Epic of the Greater Southwest: New Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

Ruben Marquez

Rubén Sálaz M. has broadened the study of Southwest history to include multicultural aspects as well as important discussion items often neglected by various writers. As can be seen by a quick look at the Table of Contents, Epic of the Greater Southwest is a more complete history of the Southwest where documented facts take the reader where they may. Epic is intended for everyone interested in a valid introductory history to our eight Southwestern States but especially for readers young and old who wish to get beyond standard concepts of American historiography. If you are a fan of William H. Prescott, Herbert E. Bolton, Lesley B. Simpson, Lewis Hanke, Irving Leonard, Salvador de Madariaga, Philip Wayne Powell, Donald Cutter, Alvin Josephy Jr., Howard Zinn, James W. Loewen, Stewart Udall, etc., this volume might well become your Southwest history item.

Epic of the Greater Southwest is a true adventure.

"In the tradition of Howard Zinn ( A People's History of the United States) and James W. Loewen (Lies My Teacher Told Me), Rubén Sálaz M. examines American historiography under a culturally broad magnifying glass and exposes its hidden assumptions and misapplications. Epic of the Greater Southwest is a useful corrective to the standard interpretation of history in the Southwest. The Sálaz Epic will not leave you unmoved and will certainly promote many lively discussions. I would love to be in on them."--Dr. Richard J. Griego, Presidential Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

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