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A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works

Levi Romero

"Levi Romero is a strange kind of wizard. He can walk up a New Mexico arroyo and come back with a mysterious object full of quotidian magic. Like a rusted tobacco can the grand-fathers used to roll their smokes. And when you pry open the lid, you can hear their laughter and gossip coming out. That's what he does in poem after poem. I read his work and I learn again how to love this life."--Luis Alberto Urrea

Through familiar details--leaking faucets and lowriders, chicharrones and chicken coops--Levi Romero remembers familia, comunidad, and tradiciones from his upbringing in northern New Mexico's Embudo Valley. Alongside his training and jobs in the building trades and the architectural profession, and now a teacher, his writing has maintained and nurtured his connection to the unique people and land he knows so well and that have seldom been represented in American poetry.

2009 Southwest Book of the Year, Tucson-Pima County Public Library


Levi Romero is currently a visiting Research Scholar in the School of Architecture and Planning at UNM, focusing on architectural and cultural landscapes studies.


"Whether recalling a 'love-hate relationship' with his high school English teacher or remembering a street-corner encounter, Romero sees and hears the courage, grace, honesty and beauty so many of us often miss. It is the poet's job to remind us of those things, and Romero does his admirably."


Albuquerque Journal

"Levi Romero should be declared a New Mexico state treasure, for his poems are to be cherished, loved, and read - again and again."


Five Magazine

"Through a lively writing style, Romero displays a passion for his work and words and has no less than familial love for the audiences he draws into his world....Romero brings such joy to the everyday that readers might just find themselves looking at everything from arroyos to the (New Mexico) sky with a little bit more love."


Local IQ, Albuquerque

"...Romero has created a work that's as much oral history as it is poetry collection."


Weekly Alibi, Albuquerque

"Get Levi Romero's book. Experience the humanity and mastery of this poet. Experience Northern New Mexico through his eyes, his ears, and his heart."


Taos Daily Horse-Fly

"For those who have grown up nestled in the brazos of northern New Mexico Hispano culture, Romero's observations cut to the quick."


La Herencia

"These verses will linger in your thoughts long after you have closed the book's pages."


New Mexico Magazine

"...a must read for all aspiring poets who have struggled with the craft of poetry, and in particular with finding their own voice."


World Literature Today

"Levi Romero's A Poetry of Remembrance does an admirable job of painting a vivid image of the Northern New Mexico he so clearly knows and loves. Its people, its culture, its poetry, even, are captured in the weaving of his words."


Sacramento Book Review

6 x 9 in. 184 pages