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Clearing Customs

Martha Egan

In 1988, long before the Patriot Act made outrageous invasions of Americans' privacy an everyday occurrence, Albuquerque importer Beverly Parmentier finds herself under surveillance. Is her Latin American folk art import business, a one-person foreign aid program, truly suspicious? Or does this feisty female provide a handy excuse for arrogant customs agents to have some federally-funded fun at taxpayer expense? Clearing Customs is a fast-paced, wild ride across borders, with Beverly and her pals creatively confounding the twisted agendas of thugs in high places.

". . . anybody who loves (Carl) Hiaasen will have a ball reading Egan's fast-paced, chile-flavored, and always entertaining mystery."--Bob Shacochis, author of Easy in the Islands and The Next New World


Martha Egan began to write fiction in response to her experiences as a Latin American folk art dealer attempting to cope with the U.S. Customs service. Her nonfiction books are Milagros: Votive Offerings from the Americas and Relicarios: Devotional Miniatures from the Americas. Egan owns Pachamama, a folk art gallery in Santa Fe.

Published By Papalote Press

5.5 x 8 in. 394 pages