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Ghost Singer: A Novel

Anna Lee Walters

Human ears, strung like beads on a cord; scalps with hair and ears still intact; infant bones in a medicine bundle; corpses, whole, in a cardboard box. These artifacts in an obscure corner of the Smithsonian cause Indian ghosts to haunt, torment, and murder researchers--even as they themselves are tormented by the items in the museum's collection. Only the sacred rituals of Indian medicine men can make it safe to be around these dangerous artifacts.


"Extraordinary. . . . The multicultural point of view in Ghost Singer is essential to the success with which the author is able to render horror in the midst of what is seemingly ordinary."


World Literature Today

". . . well-researched and well-written tale interweaves elements of traditional Navajo beliefs and history, anthropological collections at the Smithsonian, ghosts of long-dead Navajos never allowed to rest, and the struggles of present-day Native Americans and Anglos to understand traditional belief systems."


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6 x 9 in. 268 pages