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49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado

Mark D. Williams
W. Chad McPhail

Anyone planning a fishing trip to beautiful southern Colorado needs this book to locate the best fly-fishing streams. Most guidebooks focus on large, well-known drainages. Williams and McPhail identify many locations not included in other books. They also recommend appropriate flies for each stream in entries that bring out the unique character of every fishing spot.

In alphabetical order, the authors describe fishing waters from the Animas River to Willow Creek. They have intentionally omitted some lesser-known highcountry streams to avoid traffic and overfishing. They have also been selective in assigning flies, picking patterns that have worked for them rather than the obvious ones that local fly shops might recommend.


Mark D. Williams and W. Chad McPhail have also coauthored Colorado Flyfishing: Where to Eat, Sleep, Fish and So You Want to Flyfish, and each is the author of other books on fishing, camping, and the American West. They both live in Amarillo, Texas.


“Whether you are a die-hard flycaster or just someone who enjoys walking alongside a frisky stream, this book will send you scurrying for maps of campgrounds in southwest Colorado. The beautiful color photos and brief descriptions of 49 streams make for dreamy reading. Lime, Snow Spur, and Hermosa creeks and even the vaunted Gunnison and Rio Grande rivers are beckoning with Mark Williams and Chad McPhail as your guides.”


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10 x 7 in. 120 pages 277 color photos, 1 map