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Clovis Caches: Recent Discoveries and New Research

Edited by Bruce B. Huckell
Edited by J. David Kilby

Winner of the 2015 Heritage Publication Award from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Winner of the 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Best Cover Large Format

Winner of the 2016 Southwest Book Design and Production Award for Cover and Jacket Design from the New Mexico Book Association

Winner of the 2015 Southwest Book Design and Production Award for Scholarly and Technical from the New Mexico Book Association

“A unique, significant contribution to our maturing studies of the Clovis era.”—Gary Haynes, author of The Early Settlement of North America: The Clovis Era

The Paleoindian Clovis culture is known for distinctive stone and bone tools often associated with mammoth and bison remains, dating back some 13,500 years. While the term Clovis is known to every archaeology student, few books have detailed the specifics of Clovis archaeology. This collection of essays investigates caches of Clovis tools, many of which have only recently come to light. These caches are time capsules that allow archaeologists to examine Clovis tools at earlier stages of manufacture than the broken and discarded artifacts typically recovered from other sites. The studies comprising this volume treat methodological and theoretical issues including the recognition of Clovis caches, Clovis lithic technology, mobility, and land use.


Bruce B. Huckell, an associate professor of anthropology at the University of New Mexico, is the senior research coordinator at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology.

J. David Kilby is an assistant professor of anthropology at Eastern New Mexico University.


“In Clovis Caches, twelve stimulating essays describe the caches and what they have to tell us about one of North America’s earliest and most enigmatic cultures. Well illustrated and well organized, it gives important insights to a fascinating subject.”


American Archeology

“Huckell and Kilby bring together a collection of papers that take a refreshing look at a well-known Clovis behavior: caching. . . . In addition to essential descriptions of artifacts and discovery contexts, these chapters apply diverse methods and new ways of thinking about caching behavior and the artifacts Clovis people left behind.”


American Antiquity

“Provides a much needed compilation of both cache-specific details and general overviews previously only available in a scattered assortment of publications.”


Journal of Anthropological Research

“An excellent compendium of current research . . . supported by abundant data tables and good illustrations. . . . Researchers will find this book relevant for studying prehistoric caching behavior in all regions and time periods and more broadly for modeling the organization of prehistoric stone technology and associated land use.”


North American Archaeologist

8.5 x 11 in. 264 pages 28 halftones, 27 figs., 20 maps, 27 charts, 49 tables