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Conflict and Change in Cuba

Edited by Enrique Baloyra
Edited by James Morris

Today, Castro's regime appears vulnerable to breakdown. His government cannot deliver the minimum amounts of foodstuffs guaranted in citizens' rationing cards, and the achievements of the Revolution, including fill employment, access to education, and quality health caare, are increasingly compromised. Amid the government's deterioration, questions abound about just what will happen next: will the fidelista regime finesse its survival or will a new order emerge in Cuba during the 1990s?

"This anthology is a significant contribution in that it updates our knowledge of Cuba and helps to situate it in a broader historical framework."--Rhoda Rabkin, author of Cuban Politics

"A balanced, first-rate set of studies that illuminate why Cuba has not yet followed the path of its erstwhile communist allies in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, while analyzing the political, econimic, and social strains that a Cuba in crises is currently experiencing."--Edward Gonzalez, author of Cuba Under Castro


"(The) essays demonstrate balance and restraint in assessing current Communist party strategies."



" . . . a commendable job . . . well-versed in the facts . . . Readers could certainly learn a great deal . . ."


The Americas

". . . well-informed histories--provide a good background for understanding how Cuba's current crisis developed . . ."


Cuban Studies 25

6 x 9 in. 367 pages 1 maps, 8 tables