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Chasing Shadows: Apaches and Yaquis Along the United States-Mexico Border, 1876-1911

Shelley Hatfield

This book examines for the first time the military campaigns on both sides of the border against Apaches and other native peoples in the late nineteenth century. Mexico and the United States pursued similar objectives in their Indian policies. Railroad, mining, and agricultural interests grew at the expense of native peoples. Indian resistance in Mexico was often met with forced labor and relocation or extermination based upon scalp bounties. U.S. Indian policy in the Southwest dictated isolating native peoples on reservations. The social ills their policies created persist today in both nations.


Dr. Shelley B. Hatfield is a professional historian and specialist in the history of modern Mexico and the Southwest. She lives in Durango, Colorado.


"Hatfield is the first to examine events from the perspective of the Mexicans, the other, usually overlooked, participants in the appropriation of native lands."


Military History

"Probably the first balanced and detailed examination of this last phase of the subjugation of native peoples by both the U.S. and Mexican governments."


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6 x 9 in. 216 pages 11 halftones, 2 maps