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Of Love and Other Passions: Elites, Politics, and Family in Bogotá, Colombia, 1778–1870

Guiomar Dueñas-Vargas

In Of Love and Other Passions Guiomar Dueñas-Vargas delves into the world of emotions among the bourgeois elite in Bogotá from the end of the colonial period to 1870. While most studies of the period focus solely on the country’s political activity, Dueñas-Vargas shows how Colombia’s social, cultural, and political changes transformed the meaning of love, which contributed to the evolution of new models of femininity and masculinity.

By examining sources such as personal letters and diaries, Dueñas-Vargas presents the emotional profiles of families and couples, demonstrating how their conduct challenged the established order. As lovers insisted on choosing their own mates rather than marrying spouses selected by their parents, they undermined the patriarchal structure of Colombian society. Such decisions unveil the many functions women assumed in both public and private life and how they participated in the invention of a nation.


Guiomar Dueñas-Vargas is a professor of history at the University of Memphis. Her earlier books, including the Spanish edition of this one, were published in Colombia.

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