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The Memory of Stone: Meditations on the Canyons of the West

Erv Schroeder

Winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Arts Book

This intimate portrait of the Colorado Plateau celebrates the landscape in photographs and writing. Erv Schroeder’s photographs bear witness to the primordial forces of the earth—the raw power that moved and shifted huge hunks of rock to form natural stone sculptures. Schroeder’s prints engage the viewer on an intimate level, acting as portals to contemplative worlds, inviting the viewer on an inner journey. As further guides to the landscape and its significance, he has invited indigenous writers—Natanya Ann Pulley, Rainy Dawn, Esther G. Belin, Orlando White, and Tacey M. Atsitty—to contribute poems that speak about these places. Celebrated Acoma storyteller Simon J. Ortiz introduces the photography and poetry with his musings on stone. In addition, an essay by geologist Marcia Bjornerud explores the geology of the region.


Erv Schroeder is a photographer who also works as a user-interface analyst and graphic and web designer. He lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries all over the United States. He has been an artist in residence at the Petrified Forest National Park and a featured artist in F-Stop magazine.


The Memory of Stone takes readers on a visual tour of the Colorado Plateau’s ‘sonic landscapes’—from Utah’s Monument Valley to the Petrified Forest. . . . Schroeder’s black-and-white photographs offer a surprisingly intimate portrait of these otherworldly places.


High Country News

“Erv Schroeder’s captivating images of undomesticated lands, coupled with poetry by native authors, lead you on an expedition through history and humanity. By viewing these mesmeric rock formations, the reader gains a more transcendent idea of time and nature. These intimate black-and-white photographs resonate on a profound philosophical level.”


World Literature Today

“Stunning. . . . The Memory of Stone: Meditations on the Canyons of the West is one of those compendiums that will linger in the mind long after the book has been closed and set back upon the shelf.”


Midwest Book Review

8.5 x 8.75 in. 104 pages 62 duotones