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The Archaeology of Mobility: Old World and New World Nomadism

Edited by Hans Barnard
Edited by Willeke Wendrich

There have been edited books on the archaeology of nomadism in various regions, and there have been individual archaeological and anthropological monographs, but nothing with the kind of coverage provided in this volume. Its strength and importance lies in the fact that it brings together a worldwide collection of studies of the archaeology of mobility. This book provides a ready-made reference to this worldwide phenomenon and is unique in that it tries to redefine pastoralism within a larger context by the term mobility. It presents many new ideas and thoughtful approaches, especially in the Central Asian region.


Hans Barnard is adjunct assistant professor of archaeological sciences in the department of Near Eastern languages and cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Willeke Wendrich is an associate professor of Egyptian archaeology in the department of Near Eastern studies at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Published By The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press

6 x 9 in. 616 pages 134 figures, 25 tables