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Chotuna and Chornancap: Excavating an Ancient Peruvian Legend

Christopher B. Donnan

Christopher Donnan's Chotuna and Chornancap explores one of the most intriguing oral histories passed down among ancient Peruvians: the legend of Naymlap, the founder of a dynasty that ruled the Lambayeque Valley of northern Peru centuries before European contact. Naymlap is said to have built his palace at a place that many now consider to be the archaeological sites of Chotuna and Chornancap. In an effort to test the validity of the Naymlap legend, Donnan directed extensive archaeological excavations at Chotuna and Chornancap--completing plans of the monumental architecture, mapping and excavating most of the major structures, and developing a chronology for the sites. This book presents the results of these excavations and demonstrates the extent to which the archaeological evidence correlates with the sequence of events described in the Naymlap legend.


Christopher B. Donnan is emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Published By The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press

8.5 x 11 in. 280 pages 250 color illustrations, 14 tables