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Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Réograms That Elevate and Unite

Paul Ré

Winner of the 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Philosophy

American artist Paul Ré invites us to join him on his journey for harmony, wisdom, and inner joy with Art, Peace, and Transcendence. His hybrid hand-digital prints, Réograms, are a unique art form very different from the Rayograms made in the twentieth century by the American surrealist Man Ray. Ré’s digital prints are computer manipulations of the drawings, paintings, and sculptures he has created over his forty-year career—the transformations may be mild or dramatic, each manually massaged into a harmonious whole. Commentary by the artist, drawing from his background in physics, philosophy, and the practice of yoga and meditation, accompanies the fifty-eight full-page plates, placing each piece in its historical context. Bridging the lines of art and science, Ré takes us on a discovery of our oneness with the whole of the universe and the source from which it emerged.


Paul Ré, a Caltech alumnus, has been acclaimed as “a virtuoso of the pencil” for his art of “quiet greatness and noble simplicity.” His artwork has been shown in twenty-two solo exhibits in thirteen states, including the traveling exhibition Touchable Art for the Blind and Sighted. He is the founder of the Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize, administered by the University of New Mexico Foundation, and author of The Dance of the Pencil: Serene Art by Paul Ré.


“The images (in Art, Peace, and Transcendence) delight. They swoop and spin, slink and sway, as if they were shifting on the page in the very moment of viewing.”


Albuquerque Journal

“Ré offers the reader a collection of images that simultaneously consider the scientific, religious, and mathematical forces that produce our universe, our world, and our inner life.”


Journal of the Print World

11 x 8.5 in. 152 pages 31 color plates, 27 duotones