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Sweet Medicine : A Novel

David Seals

This sequel to Seals’s acclaimed novel The Powwow Highway recounts the further adventures of Philbert Bono, Buddy Red Bird, and Bonnie Red Bird in a soul-searching vision quest for self-discovery that is by turns exhilarating, hilarious, profane, and achingly beautiful.


David Seals lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.


“Full of adventure, humor, love and sex, and occasionally some eloquent rage about the way Indians have been treated in America. . . . A trickster tale . . . in which a . . . clever and resourceful hero outsmarts stronger enemies and lives to fight another day.”


New York Times Book Review

“A lively and sardonic look at native realities in America today, coupled with flights of wit and whimsical fancy that ring equally true: a potent, thoroughly enjoyable tale.”


Kirkus Reviews

Sweet Medicine is at once angry and funny, a sprawling satirical commentary on contemporary American Indian life masquerading as a postmodern romance. It is an antic chase story in the tradition of The Milagro Beanfield War and The Monkey Wrench Gang, in which the Indian protagonists turn the tables on their bumbling pursuers and thumb their noses at authority. But it is also a pilgrimage of self-discovery and transformation that brings its characters to a deep awareness of their purpose in life through the myths and magic of traditional Indian spirituality.”


Los Angeles Times

6 x 9 in. 288 pages