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Alluring New Mexico: Engineered Enchantment, 1821-2001

Marta Weigle

An engaging narrative history of New Mexico's various identities tracks the development of tourism and its impact on the Land of Enchantment.


Marta Weigle is former University Regents Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. In 2005 she received the inaugural State Historian’s Award for Excellence in New Mexico Heritage Scholarship from the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division. Among her numerous New Mexico books are the coedited volumes Telling New Mexico: A New History and Spanish New Mexico: The Spanish Colonial Arts Society Collection (both Museum of New Mexico Press) and the coauthored The Lore of New Mexico (University of New Mexico Press).


"New Mexico has had a unique history all its own throughout its one hundred and thirty year existence. Alluring New Mexico: Engineered Enchantment 18212001 looks at a majority of this history reaching from the state's creation as a territory, it has had many names and attractions. From holding many artists and outlaws within its borders to the obsession with Area 51 and Roswell, Marta Weigle gives readers an appreciation for the unique history that New Mexico carries. Alluring New Mexico is a fine read and a top pick for any with curiosities about this state of many identities."


Midwest Book Review

"Weigle crafts a compelling and well-researched account of New Mexico's evolution . . . (and) walks the reader through the controversies, conflicts, and hardships that helped to shape a booming tourist economy in our once-rough neck of the woods."



"Even before statehood, New Mexico has been luring visitors. . . . This book covers the agencies and businesses doing the promoting and lists the territory's/state's many tourism-promoting nicknames, including the Land of the Pueblos, the Land of the Well Country, the Land Without Law, the Volcano State, the Colorful State, the Atomic State, the Sunshine State (before Florida took over the name), and of course the Land of Enchantment. . . . Weigle's information-filled book, which concludes with the Diamond Jubilee of Route 66, grew out of her college course on the lure and folklore of New Mexico."


Albuquerque Journal

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

7 x 10 in. 224 pages 59 black-and-white photographs