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Garden of Stories: Jardín de Cuentos

Jim Sagel

Eleven-year-old Tomas visits his uncle and learns a lot about his New Mexican cultural heritage from this wise storyteller. The stories are presented in both Spanish and English.


Well-known Southwestern author and storyteller Jim Sagel was the author of several titles including Where the Cinnamon Winds Blow, Dancing to Pay the Light Bill, and Always the Heart. He won numerous awards for his fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, including the El Premio Literario Ciudad de San Sebastian, Spain, 1997. The prize was given for the best play written in Spanish. Sagel was the first person outside of Spain to receive the award.


"The 11-year-old narrator of these ten stories (presented side-by-side in vibrant English and Spanish) paints the world of Coyote, New Mexico, in authentic and powerful colors. . . . Sagel creates a beguiling world where witches, angels, talking trees, bewitched tortillas, and a tattletale trout are as natural as sagebrush and snakeweed."


NAPRA Review

Published By Red Crane Books

5.5 x 8.5 in. 112 pages