Photography and American West

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Montana Hometown Rodeo

Photographs by Joanne Berghold

In this book stirring black-and-white photographs of spectators and participants provide an unsentimental, hometown view of Montana's small-town rodeo circuit. For anyone who ever wanted to be a cowgirl or cowboy—or for anyone just in love with the West—this book will bring to you the sound of pounding hooves, the slap of leather, and the smell of dust and of cheering crowds.


Joanne Berghold has been photographing Montana hometown rodeos and the Western experience since 1990 when she began to divide her time between the East Coast and Wisall, Montana.


"In her book, photographer Joanne Berghold capture(s) the spirit of Montana's small town rodeos, where hearts and bones are broken every summer, from the back lots of Wilsall to the big time at the county fairs in Plains or Kalispell."


Montana Living Magazine

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press/Published in association with the Center for American Places

10.75 x 9.25 in. 128 pages 80 duotones