Art and New Mexico

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New Mexico Art Through Time: Prehistory to the Present

Joseph Traugott

This book considers 250 works of art from across a vast timeline of 14,000 years, expanding the definition of what constitutes art to include aestheticized cultural objects extending back to the earliest worked points of the Paleo-Indian Clovis people. The transition from these early works to modern and contemporary art reflects changing economic, ethnic, ideological, religious, and cultural perspectives, while considering the diversity, aesthetic complexity, and cultural breadth that developed in New Mexico and the greater Southwest. The art in this lavishly illustrated publication includes pre-European Native American pottery, baskets, and weavings; Hispanic santero art highlighting religious bultos and retablos; and twentieth-century artists, many of whom helped to shape the canon of modern and contemporary art. Examples are drawn from both fine art and anthropology collections and include works by the luminaries of twentieth-century art, including the Santa Fe and Taos colony artists, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin, Bruce Nauman, Fritz Scholder, and many more.


Joseph Traugott is the curator of twentieth-century art at the New Mexico Museum of Art and the author of numerous books including The Art of New Mexico: How the West is One and Sole Mates: Cowboy Boots and Art (both Museum of New Mexico Press).


"Joseph Traugott's new book wants you to expand your notion of what art is through time travel. . . . How vast is this continuum? Traugott is talking 14,000 years. . . . The author's text is supported by hundreds of color photographs. There are images of Paleo-Indian points and of Native American pottery, baskets, and weavings from the centuries before the arrival of the Spaniards. There is Hispanic santero art, and paintings by artists of the Santa Fe and Taos art colonies of the early 20th century . . . and yes, there are images made by many famous artists you would expect to see in such a comprehensive survey of New Mexico art. Among them are Georgia O'Keeffe, Peter Hurd, Judy Chicago, Luis Jimenez, Patrocinio Barela, (and) Maria Martinez."


Albuquerque Journal

"Nicely integrates the cultural history of New Mexico with art historical antecedents within a chronological framework that is comprehensible to child and adult alike."



Published By Museum of New Mexico Press/Published in association with the New Mexico Museum of Art

9 x 11.75 in. 244 pages 243 color photographs