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Adventures in Physics and Pueblo Pottery: Memoirs of a Los Alamos Scientist

Francis H. Harlow
Dwight P. Lanmon

Francis H. Harlow (b. 1928) is highly regarded as a leading authority on Pueblo Indian pottery, a field of study he pursued on his own after moving to New Mexico to work at Los Alamos National Laboratories as a physicist. In this memoir, Harlow describes his life growing up in Washington state, service in the US Army during World War II, college years, and his fifty-year career as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. It was his move to the Southwest that provided the impetus for his lifelong “hobby”—the study of Pueblo history and pottery. His contributions to the field of fluid dynamics have been no less remarkable. Harlow’s scientific and scholarly pursuits were augmented by his artistic talent as a painter, a skill he applied to his work in pottery and science.


Francis H. Harlow is one of the leading authorities on Pueblo Indian pottery and a retired physicist from Los Alamos Laboratories.

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

8 x 10 in. 204 pages 24 black-and-white, 71 color illustrations