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Heroes without Glory: Some Good Men of the Old West

Jack Schaefer

This collection of essays features twelve “heroes” from the American West. Schaefer profiles pioneers of the West—the doctors, explorers, and cowboys who settled the challenging landscape and built communities in the Old West. These unsung champions highlight the unglorified work of the West that was achieved without violence and gunslinging. Schaefer shares the lives of Grizzly Adams, George A. Ruston, John “Snowshoe” Thompson, John Phillips, Washakie, John S. Chisum, Thomas J. Smith, Valentine T. McGillycuddy, Charles Fox Gardiner, and Elfego Baca. Western enthusiasts and history buffs will welcome the refreshing biographies of the men found in this volume.


Jack Schaefer was a journalist and writer known for his authentic and memorable characters set in the American West. Schaefer received the Western Literature Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award in 1975 and the Saddleman Award in 1986 from the Western Writers of America. His popular Western novels include Shane (1949) and Monte Walsh (1963).


“The rhetorical flourishes are those of the born storyteller and legend builder.”


Kirkus Reviews

"Twelve 'good men' of the West support Schaefer's thesis that these men are much more interesting than the overpublicized bad men."



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