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The Big Range

Jack Schaefer

Schaefer shares the individual stories of seven people—rancher, sheepherder, homesteader, town settler, soldier, miner, and cowboy—in this collection. He tells the tales as they can only be told: in the open spaces of the Old West. In these memorable narratives Schaefer depicts the unique conflicts of settler life and captures the spirit of the resolute, willful, determined, and broken characters found on the Western frontier.


Jack Schaefer was a journalist and writer known for his authentic and memorable characters set in the American West. Schaefer received the Western Literature Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award in 1975 and the Saddleman Award in 1986 from the Western Writers of America. His popular Western novels include Shane (1949) and Monte Walsh (1963).


“[The Big Range] is a roundup of short stories of the West that in their verbatim realism of place and character, in their dramatic precision and occasional humor, repeat the superiority of his earlier Shane. . . . A collection that lends a real distinction to this medium.”



5.5 x 8 in. 184 pages