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Stubby Pringle's Christmas

Jack Schaefer
Illustrated by Lorence Bjorklund

The spirit of Christmas is contagious and overwhelming in this charming and unpredictable holiday tale. Orphaned at thirteen, the poorly paid, patched-clothed cowhand Stubby Pringle is now nearing twenty as he looks forward to whooping it up at the schoolhouse in the valley for the Christmas dance. His box of chocolates is tucked into his saddlebag for the gal who “appeals to him most and seems most susceptible.” But this Christmas Eve Stubby finds that the magic of the season may have something different in store for him. In true Schaefer fashion, Stubby Pringle delights readers and fills our hearts with the magic and spirit of Christmas.


Jack Schaefer was a journalist and writer known for his authentic and memorable characters set in the American West. Schaefer received the Western Literature Association’s Distinguished Achievement Award in 1975 and the Saddleman Award in 1986 from the Western Writers of America. His popular Western novels include Shane (1949) and Monte Walsh (1963).


“A master blend of two great forms—the Christmas story and the tall story. Stubby Pringle, ‘a dong-bonging ding-busted dang-blatted fool,’ rides his ‘flop-eared ewe-necked cat-hipped strawberry roan’ all a whoop toward the Christmas dance.”


Kirkus Reviews

5.5 x 8.5 in. 48 pages 38 drawings