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Santa Fe: The Chief Way

Robert Strein
John Vaughan
C. Fenton Richards Jr.

Santa Fe: The Chief Way is a fresh and nostalgic look at the streamliners of the Santa Fe railroad from the late thirties to the early seventies. Historic photographs, promotional posters, and art capture the charm of traveling by rail throughout the Southwest on classics such as the Super Chief, the Chief, El Capitan, and the San Francisco Chief.

The abundant pictures of the cars and amenities remind us how wonderful it was to travel by train. The extensive coverage of the original advertising materials used to lure travelers west through Indian Country in the Southwest is a unique feature to this charming book. These include train brochures, postcards, and magazine advertisements—all of which show the style and luxury afforded to the traveler on these famous streamliners. Additional chapters devoted to the art collection of the Santa Fe railroad and the depots and Harvey House hotels that are still standing in New Mexico add to the rich history and nostalgia of train travel in the Southwest.

This book will be a must-have for railroad buffs, historians, memorabilia collectors, and those interested in the history of advertising. It is a book for all those who are fascinated by the romance of the Southwest and the glory years of the Santa Fe streamliners.


“This is a ‘blockbuster’ book about a very wonderful time in the past. . . . a memory book filled with photographs, menu covers, and timetables. . . . you will enjoy this nostalgic look at what rail travel used to be like. . . . This is a book for all railroad fans as well as for anyone who is interested in our American history.”


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10.25 x 10 in. 132 pages 127 color photos, 40 duotones