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Spoken Through Clay: Native Pottery of the Southwest—The Eric Dobkin Collection

Charles S. King
Eric S. Dobkin

Spoken Through Clay includes nearly three hundred pottery vessels covering a wide range of contemporary artists and a few important historic pieces. This book includes portraits and voices of renowned Native artists—the majority of whom are Pueblo—speaking about their artistry and technique, families, culture, and traditions. Dynamic color photography captures the depth and dimension of the pieces, while the artists provide an illuminating perspective through narrative captions. Artists, academics, collectors, family members, and gallerists add additional insight about the lives, historical context, and importance of these potters and their work. The Dobkin collection has a unique and distinctive focus on the aesthetic of the vessel, specifically on design, form, and scale. Featured artists include Maria Martinez, Popovi Da, Grace Medicine Flower, Dextra Quotskuyva, Jody Naranjo, Harrison Begay Jr., Lonnie Vigil, LuAnn Tafoya, Steve Lucas, Tammy Garcia, Virgil Ortiz, and many others.


Charles S. King is the author of Born of Fire: The Life and Pottery of Margaret Tafoya, The Life and Art of Tony Da, Virgil Ortiz: Revolt 1680/2180, and numerous articles on Pueblo pottery. He has served on boards of art associations, judged pottery at prestigious events, and lectures about the art form. His business King Galleries represents many of today’s leading Native potters and important historic works in clay. Charles lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Eric S. Dobkin is a senior director and retired general partner of Goldman Sachs, and senior advisor to CV Starr. He has served on numerous corporate and philanthropic boards and is a trustee of the Dobkin Family Foundation. He began collecting Native American pottery when he joined the School for Advanced Research (SAR) board two decades ago. Eric and his wife Barbara reside in Pound Ridge and Manhattan, New York.

Published By Museum of New Mexico Press

11.5 x 14 in. 352 pages 320 color plates, 40 artist portraits, 4 gatefolds