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Chaco Trilogy

V. B. Price

Composed over almost forty years of contemplative exercise and risk taking, this collection of three suites of poems is an exercise in surrender and attention, in being where you are, in this case the severe, spiritually magnetic landscape and ruins of Chaco Canyon, in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico. Site of the most extensive urban ruins of the pre-Pueblo Anasazi people, Chaco is the center of the earth, a cosmological precinct that connects past and present, earth and sky, night and day, life and death. It is a place where ambiguity and shadow rule, where light and distance become the here and now.

A section of the trilogy, Chaco Body, produced in collaboration with photographer Kirk Gittings, was published by Artspace Press in 1991. Chaco Body also exists as a collaborative portfolio of photographs and poems that is owned and exhibited in museums and private collections across the West. A PBS documentary featuring Price reading the poems in the canyon was produced by KNME-TV and distributed nationally.

Published By La Alameda Press

6 x 8 in. 85 pages