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Cranes--The Noblest Flyers: In Natural History and Cultural Lore

Alice Lindsay Price

Alice Lindsay Price, a devoted naturalist, has for the past twenty years joined the scientific pursuit of avian scholarship to her lifelong passions of painting, writing, and literature. In her new work, Cranes‚ The Noblest Flyers, she brings into focus the wealth of human lore, both scientific and cultural, to portray the survival into the twenty-first century of the two North American Crane species, the Sandhill and the Whooping Crane. Her comprehensive display of facts and lore interwoven into her own observations in the field‚ as well as those of scientists and naturalists working to save the species from extinction‚ remind us how essential is our awareness of the natural world.

Cranes‚ The Noblest Flyers is illuminated with illustrations and photographs by the author, and with a wide assortment of historical images from Cretan bird goddess to petroglyphs to Audubon.

"I think of all the hope these birds represent and of the many scientists and birders who gave so much to their survival. 'Hope‚' in the words of poet Emily Dickinson, 'is the thing with feathers.'"


Alice Lindsay Price is a photographer, poet, artist, and nature writer. Her most recent book is Swans of the World. She winters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and summers in Southhaven, Michigan.


Cranes: The Noblest Flyers is an outstanding natural history title . . . a lovely survey of the bird and its habitat.”


The Midwest Book Review

Published By La Alameda Press

6 x 9 in. 256 pages 100 illustrations