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Hummingbirds of North America: Attracting, Feeding, and Photographing

Dan True

"Ace photographer Dan True conveys his passion for these buzzing aeronauts by describing all 16 species of North American hummers, listing their favorite flowers and going into detail about their habits, courtship, and distribution. He then tells us how to photograph them as he does with such consummate skill. Here in one book is all you could hope to know about our hummingbirds north of the border."--Roger Tory Peterson


"Here is a really terrific book about hummingbirds, full of information based on the author's years of observations (and bringing to bear his formal training as a meteorologist and a pilot), on his thorough familiarity with what has been published about hummingbirds, and on his meetings and correspondence with other hummingbird devotees. . . . He provides interesting and often new information on such matters as mating and nesting, the relationship of blooming flowers to migration . . . the placement of feeders, and the controlling of bees and wasps."


Bird Watcher's Digest

". . .this is an informative and entertaining book that should appeal to both casual birders and research ornithologists, not to mention hummingbird enthusiasts."


British Columbia Birds

" Hummingbirds of North America. . offers all sorts of interesting information about hummers, including where and how they migrate."


Albuquerque Journal, NM

7 x 10 in. 222 pages 37 color photos, 5 halftones, 19 maps