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Athabaskan Language Studies: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Young

Edited by Sally Midgette
Edited by Eloise Jelinek
Edited by Keren Rice
Edited by Leslie Saxon

Many leading figures in the field of Athabaskan languages contributed to this volume, and their range of topics matches Robert Young's interests. Four papers deal with northern Athabaskan languages, which Young studied in the 1930s. The remaining essays focus on aspects of Navajo language and culture; Young has specialized in this area for over fifty years in collaboration with his mentor, William Morgan, Sr. Several essays present detailed analysis of verb and sentence structure in Navajo, two are studies of Navajo literacy, another examines Navajo philosophy, and one offers the first study of how children learn the complexities of the Navajo verb. Anyone interested in Navajo studies or Athabaskan languages will find these essays invaluable.


Eloise Jelinek is professor emerita of linguistics at the University of Arizona, Tucson.


". . . (an) interesting--and in some cases groundbreaking--collection . . ."


Anthropological Linguistics

6.125 x 9.25 in. 512 pages 4 maps, 70 tables