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Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains

H. D. Harrington
Illustrated by Y. Matsumura

This book is an excellent listing of the edible plants of the Rockies. It provides recipes for the preparation of beers and wines, jams and preserves, the cooking of greens and the preparation of dyes, as well as brief histories of the plants' uses by historic and prehistoric peoples. The book contains drawings of the plants in their flowering or fruiting state and lists them by common name as well as scientific name for ready reference.


The late H. D. Harrington was curator of the Herbarium at Colorado State University.


"Anyone anticipating a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains would be wise to take along a copy."



"Without a doubt this is the best book on edible plants published in the United States. Many of the edible plants were personally tested by the author or one of his collaborators."


Seed Technologist News

"For anyone seriously considering living off the land, trying his hand at new and exciting dishes, or cutting down on the grocery bill, this book is a must."


Whole Earth Catalog

6 x 9 in. 400 pages 141 drawings, 1 maps