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Baadsgaard, Aubrey

Breathing New Life into the Evidence of Death (paperback) 978-1-934691-48-9

Baars, Donald L.

The Colorado Plateau (paperback) 978-0-8263-2301-9

Baca, Ana

Tía's Tamales (paperback) 978-0-8263-5027-5

Baca, Jimmy

Working in the Dark (hardcover) 978-1-878610-08-9

Bachelor, David

Educational Reform in New Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-4950-7

Bachrach, Arthur J.

D. H. Lawrence in New Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-3496-1

Bailey, Garrick

Traditions of the Osage (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4850-0

Bajakian, Kyle

Third Views, Second Sights (hardcover) 978-0-89013-432-0

Bakewell, Liza

Madre (paperback) 978-0-8263-5176-0

Bakewell, Peter

Miners of the Red Mountain (paperback) 978-0-8263-4900-2

Bakken, Gordon

Invitation to an Execution (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4856-2
The Mining Law of 1872 (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4356-7
The Mining Law of 1872 (paperback) 978-0-8263-4357-4

Balderrama, Francisco E.

Decade of Betrayal (paperback) 978-0-8263-3973-7

Balkan, Evan

The Wrath of God (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5043-5

Ball, Larry D.

Desert Lawmen (paperback) 978-0-8263-1700-1
The United States Marshals of New Mexico and Arizona Territories, 1846-1912 (paperback) 978-0-8263-0617-3

Baloyra, Enrique

Conflict and Change in Cuba (paperback) 978-0-8263-1465-9

Bamforth, Douglas B.

The Allen Site (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4295-9

Bannon, John Francis

The Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821 (paperback) 978-0-8263-0309-7

Barbash, Shepard

Changing Dreams (hardcover) 978-0-89013-505-1

Barmeyer, Niels

Developing Zapatista Autonomy (paperback) 978-0-8263-4584-4

Barnard, Hans

The Archaeology of Mobility (hardcover) 978-1-931745-50-5
The History of the Peoples of the Eastern Desert (hardcover) 978-1-931745-96-3

Barnes, Ethne

Diseases and Human Evolution (paperback) 978-0-8263-3066-6

Barnet-Sanchez, Holly

Give Me Life (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5747-2

Barnett, Louise K.

Leslie Marmon Silko (paperback) 978-0-8263-2675-1

Barrenechea, Antonio

America Unbound (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5758-8

Barrett, Elinore M.

Conquest and Catastrophe (paperback) 978-0-8263-2412-2
The Spanish Colonial Settlement Landscapes of New Mexico, 1598-1680 (paperback) 978-0-8263-5084-8

Barrow, Thomas

Photography New Mexico (hardcover) 978-1-934491-10-2

Bartalot, Sally

art alive! (paperback) 978-1-934491-20-1

Bartlett, Jennifer

Derivative of the Moving Image (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4133-4

Bartlett, R. D.

New Mexico's Reptiles and Amphibians (paperback) 978-0-8263-5207-1

Basso, Keith H.

Wisdom Sits in Places (paperback) 978-0-8263-1724-7

Bastéa, Eleni

Memory and Architecture (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3269-1

Bateman, Milford

Seduced and Betrayed (paperback) 978-0-8263-5796-0

Baton, Maisha

Sketches (paperback) 978-0-9816693-9-7

Bauer, Brian S.

Kasapata and the Archaic Period of the Cuzco Valley (paperback) 978-1-931745-34-5
Kasapata and the Archaic Period of the Cuzco Valley (hardcover) 978-1-931745-35-2
The Chanka (paperback) 978-1-931745-60-4
The Chanka (hardcover) 978-1-931745-59-8
Vilcabamba and the Archaeology of Inca Resistance (paperback) 978-1-938770-03-6

Bauer, Grace

MEAN/TIME (paperback) 978-0-8263-5777-9

Bauman, Christine

New Mexico's Living Landscapes (paperback) 978-0-89013-543-3

Baumler, Ellen

Dark Spaces (paperback) 978-0-8263-4547-9

Bayer, Laura

Santa Ana (paperback) 978-0-8263-4790-9

Beach, Randi Lynn

Westlands (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5836-3

Beaudry-Corbett, Marilyn

Early Scholars' Visits to Central America (paperback) 978-0-917956-95-9

Begay, Shonto

Collective Willeto (paperback) 978-0-89013-397-2

Bellamy, Hakim

Swear (paperback) 978-0-9826968-9-7

Benavides, Alonso de

A Harvest of Reluctant Souls (paperback) 978-0-8263-5157-9

Bender, Deborah E. Ph.D., MPH

Spanish for Dental Professionals (paperback) 978-0-8263-3613-2
Spanish for Mental Health Professionals (paperback) 978-0-8263-4131-0

Benes, Rebecca C.

Native American Picture Books of Change (hardcover) 978-0-89013-471-9

Benjamin, Thomas

A Rich Land, a Poor People (paperback) 978-0-8263-1713-1
Other Mexicos (paperback) 978-0-8263-0755-2

Benson, Nancy C.

New Mexico Colcha Club (paperback) 978-0-89013-519-8

Berghold, Joanne

Montana Hometown Rodeo (hardcover) 978-0-89013-469-6

Bergman, Denise

A Woman in Pieces Crossed a Sea (paperback) 978-0-9910742-2-8

Berkowitz, Paul

The Case of the Indian Trader (paperback) 978-0-8263-4860-9

Berman, Michael P.

Gila (hardcover) 978-0-89013-549-5

Berman, Tressa

No Deal! (paperback) 978-1-934691-47-2

Bernstein, Bruce

Modern by Tradition (paperback) 978-0-89013-291-3
Santa Fe Indian Market (paperback) 978-0-89013-548-8

Berry, Charles

Cowboys Don't Cry (paperback) 978-0-8263-4989-7

Bertholf, Robert J.

An Open Map (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5896-7
Imagining Persons (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5891-2

Besom, Thomas

Inka Human Sacrifice and Mountain Worship (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5307-8

Beyer, Stephan V.

Singing to the Plants (paperback) 978-0-8263-4730-5

Biggers, Ashley M.

Eco-Travel New Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-5704-5

Billington, Ray Allen

America's Frontier Heritage (paperback) 978-0-8263-0310-3
Westward Expansion (paperback) 978-0-8263-1981-4

Bills, Garland D.

The Spanish Language of New Mexico and Southern Colorado (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4549-3

Bingmann, Melissa

Prep School Cowboys (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5543-0

Bisney, John

Moonshots and Snapshots of Project Apollo (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5594-2
Spaceshots and Snapshots of Projects Mercury and Gemini (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5261-3

Bizarro Ujpán, Ignacio

Joseño (paperback) 978-0-8263-2355-2

Bjorklund, Lorence

Mavericks (paperback) 978-0-8263-5859-2
Stubby Pringle's Christmas (paperback) 978-0-8263-5865-3

Black, Chad Thomas

The Limits of Gender Domination (paperback) 978-0-8263-4923-1

Black, William

Gentlemen Preferred Dry Flies (paperback) 978-0-8263-4795-4

Blackburn, Fred M.

Cowboys and Cave Dwellers (paperback) 978-0-933452-47-3

Blair, Bob

William Henry Jackson's "The Pioneer Photographer" (hardcover) 978-0-89013-435-1

Blanton, Richard E.

Settlement, Subsistence, and Social Complexity (hardcover) 978-1-931745-23-9
Settlement, Subsistence, and Social Complexity (paperback) 978-1-931745-20-8

Blaustein, Noah

Flirt (paperback) 978-0-8263-5383-2

Bleichmar, Guillermo

Country of Bullets (paperback) 978-0-8263-4767-1

Blinman, Eric

Roads to the Past (map) 978-0-9766839-4-0

Bloomfield, Debra

Wilderness (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5429-7

Boggio, Sue

A Growing Season (paperback) 978-0-8263-5224-8
Long Night Moon (paperback) 978-0-8263-5794-6
Sunlight and Shadow (paperback) 978-0-8263-5276-7

Bohm, Robert

Closing the Hotel Kitchen (paperback) 978-0-9826968-1-1
What the Bird Tattoo Hides (paperback) 978-0-9910742-4-2

Bokovoy, Matthew

The San Diego World's Fairs and Southwestern Memory, 1880-1940 (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3642-2

Bolton, Herbert E.

Coronado on the Turquoise Trail (paperback) 978-0-8263-0007-2

Bonavia, Duccio

The South American Camelids (paperback) 978-1-931745-40-6
The South American Camelids (hardcover) 978-1-931745-41-3

Bonnell, Françoise Barnes

Capturing the Women's Army Corps (paperback) 978-0-8263-5340-5

Borchers, Perry E.

Recording a Vanishing Legacy (hardcover) 978-0-89013-379-8
Recording a Vanishing Legacy (paperback) 978-0-89013-380-4

Bornstein, Erica

Forces of Compassion (paperback) 978-1-934691-40-3

Borucki, Alex

From Shipmates to Soldiers (paperback) 978-0-8263-5180-7

Boyden, Linda

Giveaways (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4726-8
Powwow's Coming (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4265-2

Boyer, Richard

Lives of the Bigamists (paperback) 978-0-8263-2384-2

Bradburd, Rus

Paddy on the Hardwood (paperback) 978-0-8263-4027-6

Bramwell, Lincoln

Our New Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-4008-5
Playing the Odds (paperback) 978-0-8263-2112-1

Brandauer, Aline

3-D art/techné (paperback) 978-0-9741023-5-1

Brandi, John

No Other Business Here (paperback) 978-1-888809-17-6

Bratcher, James

Cancionero (spiral bound book) 978-0-8263-4564-6

Breed, Jack

Hopi Kachina Dolls with a Key to Their Identification (paperback) 978-0-8263-0180-2

Briggs, William

How America Got Its Guns (paperback) 978-0-8263-5813-4

Brill de Ramírez, Susan

Native American Life-History Narratives (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3897-6
Simon J. Ortiz (paperback) 978-0-8263-3988-1

Bristol, Joan Cameron

Christians, Blasphemers, and Witches (paperback) 978-0-8263-3799-3

Britten, Thomas A.

American Indians in World War I (paperback) 978-0-8263-2090-2
The Lipan Apaches (paperback) 978-0-8263-4587-5
The National Council on Indian Opportunity (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5499-0

Britton, John A.

Cables, Crises, and the Press (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5397-9

Brody, J. J.

Mimbres Painted Pottery (paperback) 978-1-930618-27-5
Mimbres Painted Pottery (hardcover) 978-1-930618-66-4
Pueblo Indian Painting (hardcover) 978-0-933452-45-9

Brooks, James F.

Small Worlds (paperback) 978-1-930618-94-7

Brosnan, Kathleen A.

Uniting Mountain and Plain (hardcover) 978-0-8263-2352-1

Brown, David E.

Aldo Leopold's Southwest (paperback) 978-0-8263-1580-9

Brown, J. P. S.

Wolves at Our Door (paperback) 978-0-8263-4388-8

Brown, Kendall

A History of Mining in Latin America (paperback) 978-0-8263-5106-7

Broyles, Marianne

The Red Window (paperback) 978-0-9816693-1-1

Bruchac, Joseph

Above the Line (paperback) 978-0-9705344-8-4
Ndakinna (Our Land) (paperback) 978-0-9705344-7-7

Brugge, David M.

Navajos in the Catholic Church Records of New Mexico, 1694-1875 (paperback) 978-1-934691-39-7
The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute (paperback) 978-0-8263-2156-5
The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute (paperback) 978-0-8263-2156-5

Brugge, Doug

The Navajo People and Uranium Mining (paperback) 978-0-8263-3779-5

Brunk, Samuel

Emiliano Zapata! (paperback) 978-0-8263-1620-2

Brunson, Richard

Irby Brown (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5593-5

Brunson-Hadley, Judy

Ancient Burial Practices in the American Southwest (paperback) 978-0-8263-3461-9

Bry, Doris

Some Memories of Drawings (hardcover) 978-0-8263-1113-9

Bryan, Howard

Albuquerque Remembered (paperback) 978-0-8263-3782-5

Brycelea, Clifford

Pieces of White Shell (paperback) 978-0-8263-0969-3

Bubriski, Kevin

Look into My Eyes (hardcover) 978-0-89013-611-9

Buchanan, Rhonda

The Entre Ríos Trilogy (paperback) 978-0-8263-3616-3

Buchenau, Jürgen

Aftershocks (paperback) 978-0-8263-4623-0
Mexico OtherWise (paperback) 978-0-8263-2313-2
Tools of Progress (paperback) 978-0-8263-3088-8

Bueno, Christina

The Pursuit of Ruins (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5731-1
The Pursuit of Ruins (paperback) 978-0-8263-5732-8

Buffington, Robert

True Stories of Crime in Modern Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-4529-5

Bunker, Steven B.

Creating Mexican Consumer Culture in the Age of Porfirio Díaz (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4454-0
Creating Mexican Consumer Culture in the Age of Porfirio Díaz (paperback) 978-0-8263-4455-7

Burke, Aaron A.

The History and Archaeology of Jaffa 2 (hardcover) 978-1-938770-11-1

Burke, Marcus B.

El Alma de España (paperback) 978-0-9779910-0-6
Treasures of Mexican Colonial Painting (paperback) 978-0-89013-358-3

Burns, Patrick

In the Shadow of Los Alamos (paperback) 978-0-8263-1978-4

Burns, Walter

The Saga of Billy the Kid (paperback) 978-0-8263-2153-4
Tombstone (paperback) 978-0-8263-2154-1

Burton, Frances D.

Fire (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4646-9

Buswell, Richard S.

Close to Home (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5287-3
What They Left Behind (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5770-0

Butler, Barbara

Holy Intoxication to Drunken Dissipation (paperback) 978-0-8263-3814-3

Butterfield, Mike

New Mexico's High Peaks (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5440-2

Byrd, Steven

Calunga and the Legacy of an African Language in Brazil (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5086-2