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Ebright, Malcolm

Advocates for the Oppressed (paperback) 978-0-8263-5197-5
Four Square Leagues (paperback) 978-0-8263-3972-0
Land Grants and Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico (hardcover) 978-0-9605202-2-0
Land Grants and Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico (paperback) 978-0-9605202-1-3
The Witches of Abiquiu (paperback) 978-0-8263-2032-2

Eccles, W. J.

The Canadian Frontier, 1534-1760 (paperback) 978-0-8263-0706-4

Eckert, Suzanne

Pottery and Practice (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3834-1

Eckmann, Teresa

Neo-Mexicanism (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4742-8

Eddy, Clyde L.

A Mad, Crazy River (paperback) 978-0-8263-5155-5

Edgerton, Samuel

Theaters of Conversion (hardcover) 978-0-8263-2256-2

Edrington, Thomas S.

The Battle of Glorieta Pass (paperback) 978-0-8263-2287-6

Egan, Martha

An Apricot Year (hardcover) 978-0-9755881-6-1
An Apricot Year (paperback) 978-0-9755881-7-8
Clearing Customs (hardcover) 978-0-9755881-0-9
Clearing Customs (paperback) 978-0-9755881-1-6
Coyota (hardcover) 978-0-9755881-2-3
Coyota (paperback) 978-0-9755881-3-0
La Ranfla and Other New Mexico Stories (hardcover) 978-0-9755881-4-7
La Ranfla and Other New Mexico Stories (paperback) 978-0-9755881-5-4
Milagros (paperback) 978-0-89013-220-3

Egawa, Keith

Madchild Running (hardcover) 978-1-878610-72-0

Eichstaedt, Peter H.

If You Poison Us (hardcover) 978-1-878610-40-9

Eidenbach, Peter L.

An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 1550–1941 (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5229-3

Eisenstadt, Pauline

A Woman in Both Houses (paperback) 978-0-8263-5024-4

Elster, Ernestine S.

The Archaeology of Grotta Scaloria (hardcover) 978-1-938770-07-4

Emerson, Gloria J.

At the Hems of the Lowest Clouds (paperback) 978-1-930618-23-7

Encinias, Miguel

Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610 (hardcover) 978-0-8263-1392-8

Enos, Chris

285 Broken Dreams (hardcover) 978-0-89013-535-8

Espinosa, David

Jesuit Student Groups, the Universidad Iberoamericana, and Political Resistance in Mexico, 1913-1979 (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5460-0

Espinoza, Javier Flores

The South American Camelids (paperback) 978-1-931745-40-6
The South American Camelids (hardcover) 978-1-931745-41-3

Esposito, Matthew

Funerals, Festivals, and Cultural Politics in Porfirian Mexico (paperback) 978-0-8263-4883-8

Etulain, Richard W.

Beyond the Missouri (paperback) 978-0-8263-4033-7
New Mexican Lives (paperback) 978-0-8263-2433-7
Telling Western Stories (paperback) 978-0-8263-2140-4
Western Lives (paperback) 978-0-8263-3472-5

Evans, Max

Bluefeather Fellini (paperback) 978-0-8263-4260-7
Faraway Blue (paperback) 978-0-8263-3585-2
For the Love of a Horse (hardcover) 978-0-8263-4274-4
Goin' Crazy with Sam Peckinpah and All Our Friends (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3587-6
Madam Millie (paperback) 978-0-8263-2783-3
Making a Hand (hardcover) 978-0-89013-476-4
Max Evans' Hi Lo Country (hardcover) 978-0-8263-3452-7
The Rounders (paperback) 978-0-8263-4913-2

Ewen, Alexander

Encyclopedia of the American Indian in the Twentieth Century (hardcover) 978-0-8263-5595-9