Support UNM Press

The University of New Mexico Press is an internationally known and respected publisher, but many people are surprised to learn that we, like all non-profit university presses, need outside financial support to meet our publishing objectives.  The Press does not currently receive a substantial annual subsidy from the university to carry out its public mission, and while the Press has had a few bestselling titles, the majority of our books are intended for specialized and regional audiences.  We are proud to have recently celebrated our 80th birthday and to be recognized as an excellent regional and academic publisher.  We are committed to providing value to society, scholarship, and the university community, but we also want to become one of the nation's leading presses.  To accomplish our goals, the Press needs your support.

Your gift to the University of New Mexico Press Sponsorship Program makes these objectives a reality:

  • Preserve the cultures, languages, and histories of New Mexico and the Southwest
  • Provide educational tools for children and for future generations
  • Disseminate important works of scholarship

Gifts to the University of New Mexico Press are tax deductible as charitable contributions.  The Internal Revenue Service Code requires non-profit organizations to provide donors with a good faith estimate of the value of any benefits provided as a result of their gifts.  Gift options include cash, bequests or memorial gifts, stocks, bonds, real property, and annuities.

You may also donate online using our secure order form 
(From the secondary drop down menu please choose either the Friends of UNM Press Fund to give to our most pressing needs or choose another fund that you would like to support directly.)

To discuss your personal or corporate philanthropic objectives, contact:

Richard Schuetz, Interim Director
UNM Press Sponsorship Program
MSC05 3185
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131


If a gift completely funds one of the series listed below, the donor may name the series.  If a donor would like to endow a series covering a different subject matter, the Press will be happy to discuss the opportunity.  All of the endowments will allow books to be added to the funded series in perpetuity.

Establish or contribute to a new series endowment

Children's Multicultural Series
Help children gain a positive view of their own culture and the cultures of other children with a gift to the Children's Multicultural Series.  The series will support two to four titles per year, including the special marketing efforts to promote the titles, the hiring of independent artists and translators, and the four-color production costs necessary to make this series noteworthy.

Native American Series
Promote the histories, cultures, and languages of the native peoples of the Americas.  This series will support at least two titles per year.

Art and Photography Books
Showcase New Mexico's world-renowned and spectacular traditions in art, photography, sculpture, and all other forms of artistic expression that inspire the creative peoples who live and produce art in the Land of Enchantment.  The funds given to this series will help to support two to three titles per year, including supporting the Press's marketing efforts and production costs.

Grow an existing series

Barbara Guth Worlds of Wonder Science Series for Young Readers
This series focuses on science subjects observable by children, making the topics both comprehensible and engaging. 
Titles include:
HANGING WITH BATS: Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars by Karen Taschek
WHAT ARE GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE? Answers for Young Readers by Chuck McCutcheon
POWERING THE FUTURE: New Energy Technologies by Eva Thaddeus

Paso por Aquí Series
This series supports new fiction and poetry by contemporary Hispanic New Mexican writers and continues to recover the Nuevomexicano literary tradition of the past four centuries. 
Titles include:
DEFYING THE INQUISITION IN COLONIAL NEW MEXICO: Miguel de Quintana's Life and Writings edited by Francisco A. Lomelí and Clark A. Colahan
FRAY ANGÉLICO CHÁVEZ: Poet, Priest, and Artist by Ellen McCracken
HISTORIA DE LA NUEVA MEXICO, 1610: A Critical and Annotated Spanish/English Edition by Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá, edited by Miguel Encinias, Alfred Rodríguez, and Joseph P. Sánchez

Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series
This popular series supports two to four titles per year and began as a $100,000 gift. 
Titles include:
A POETRY OF REMEMBRANCE: New and Rejected Works by Levi Romero
BOLITAS DE ORO: Poems of My Marble-Playing Days by Nasario García 

Give to the General Press Endowment

Support new publishing directions, individual non-series titles, and special marketing and promotional efforts.  Money for the general endowment can come from your gifts of any amount not earmarked for a particular series or project.

Sponsor individual books

The long-term plan is to pull all necessary book subsidies from endowment funds, but until an endowment is fully funded, those monies cannot be accessed.  In the meantime, a variety of books still need financial support.  Subjects cover the full range of UNM specialties.  Requested gift amounts can range from $2,500 to over $60,000 depending on the needs of the project.  

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