Rights & Permissions

To inquire about foreign, subsidiary, or paperback publication rights for any of our books, contact:

Rights & Permissions Coordinator

To request permission for the use of an excerpt from any of our books in an article or a book, please print the Permissions form (pdf) and fax to:

Copyright Permissions

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Or mail your request to:

Copyright Permissions
University of New Mexico Press
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

For permission to copy portions of UNM Press books for classroom use (photocopies, electronic coursepacks, and electronic library reserves) you must access Copyright Clearance Center.  Your college or university may hold an annual license with CCC.  Or you can pay-per-use based on the requested content and expected enrollment in your class.

After obtaining permission for educational electronic use of our materials from CCC, please give us more information about your class, the content you requested, and your academic affiliation by filling out the Electronic Use Information form (pdf) and faxing it to Permissions, 505.277.3343. 

Unauthorized use of UNM Press books is an infringement of copyright.  For more information on copyright, please see Copyright Clearance Center
for valuable information on copyright law, infringement, and using electronic reserves.


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