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Archaeologies of Landscape in the Americas Series

Jerry D. Moore, Series Editor

The Archaeologies of Landscape in the Americas Series explores the dynamic interactions and creations of place and space in human societies. Incorporating diverse approaches of landscape archaeology and investigating prehistoric, historic, and modern societies, the series includes case studies from North America, Mesoamerica, and South America. Although these works principally focus on prehistoric and historic sites, current and recent archaeological studies examining the material traces of modern landscapes will also be considered for publication.


Barbara Guth Worlds of Wonder Science Series for Young Readers

John Byram, Series Editor

This series explores a variety of scientific subjects to make them comprehensible and engaging for middle school–age readers. It seeks to convey the thrill of science and to inspire further inquiry into the wonders of scientific research and discovery. The series also aims to provide adults, particularly parents and grandparents, with accessible and stimulating books they can share with children.


The Calvin P. Horn Lectures on Western History and Culture

No longer active, this lecture series began in the fall of 1985. Each year a well-known specialist on the American West would deliver a public lecture at the University of New Mexico on his/her specialty. The general topic of the lecture would then serve as a theme around which a few essays would be collected and published by UNM Press.


Contextos Series

Antoinette Sedillo López, Christine Marie Sierra, and Michael Trujillo, Series Editors

In keeping with the transdisciplinary mission of the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute (SHRI) at the University of New Mexico, the Contextos Series publishes books that deepen our understanding of the historical, social, political, and cultural issues that impact Latinas and Latinos. Topics may span regional, national, and transnational contexts. We invite scholarship in Chicana and Chicano Studies, the social sciences, public policy, the humanities, health and natural science, and other professional fields.


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Diálogos Series

Kris Lane, Series Editor

Understanding Latin America demands dialogue, deep exploration, and frank discussion of key topics. Founded by Lyman L. Johnson in 1992 and edited since 2013 by Kris Lane, the Diálogos Series focuses on innovative scholarship in Latin American history and related fields. The series, the most successful of its type, includes specialist works accessible to a wide readership and a variety of thematic titles, all ideally suited for classroom adoption by university and college teachers.


Histories of the American Frontier Series

The Histories of the American Frontier Series, initiated by Ray Allen Billington, has been shaping the course of western and frontier history for nearly forty years. These volumes have served both to synthesize existing historiography and to set new directions for future scholarship. The Journal of American History has called the series “an outstanding contribution to American frontier history,” and no other series comes close to matching its extraordinary importance to its field over so many years. As we look ahead to new books, the series will continue to support the best original work on frontier and western regional history and will remain a source of outstanding volumes for scholars and students alike.


Literature and Medicine Series

Elizabeth Hadas, Frank Huyler, MD, and David P. Sklar, MD, Series Editors

The art of writing and the science of medicine offer very different approaches to some of the most intense and mysterious human experiences. The Literature and Medicine Series, jointly sponsored by the University of New Mexico Press and the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center, brings together these two ways of understanding. Comprising fiction and creative nonfiction, the series showcases stories that explore the nature of health and healing and the texture of the experience of illness.


Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series

Hilda Raz, Series Editor

The Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series publishes two to four books a year that engage and give voice to the realities of living, working, and experiencing the West and the Border as places and as metaphors. The purpose of the series is to expand access to, and the audience for, quality poetry, both single volumes and anthologies, that can be used for general reading as well as in classrooms.


Pasó por Aquí Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage

Enrique Lamadrid, A. Gabriel Meléndez, and Genaro M. Padilla, Series Editors

The Pasó por Aquí Series emerged in the 1990s from the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Project, a gathering of scholars from universities across the United States engaged in recovering Hispanic works of literature and history that were published before 1960. While the goal of the series is the recovery of the Hispanic literary heritage of greater New Mexico, the editors recognize that part of the project also includes publishing new fiction and poetry in order to preserve a literary tradition that is often thematically, linguistically, and culturally interconnected. Moreover, scholarship in allied fields lends greater intellectual coherence to the series, and we therefore encourage the collection of photography, historical documents, religious artifacts, and other aspects of expressive culture in varied forms.


Querencias Series

Miguel A. Gandert and Enrique R. Lamadrid, Series Editors

Querencia is a popular term in the Spanish-speaking world that is used to express a deeply rooted love of place and people. This series promotes a transnational, humanistic, and creative vision of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands based on all aspects of expressive culture, both material and intangible.


Recencies Series: Research and Recovery in Twentieth-Century American Poetics

Matthew Hofer, Series Editor

The Recencies Series stands at the intersection of critical investigation, historical documentation, and the preservation of cultural heritage. The series exists to illuminate the innovative poetics achievements of the recent past that remain relevant to the present. In addition to publishing monographs and edited volumes, it is also a venue for previously unpublished manuscripts, expanded reprints, and collections of major essays, letters, and interviews.

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Religions of the Americas Series

Davíd Carrasco, Charles Long, and Lindsay Jones, Series Editors

This series—which focuses attention on passages, rims, and borders—is dedicated to a study of the religions of the Americas since the commencement of the Atlantic world with the voyages of Columbus and the Great Encuentro that followed. The Americas, from this perspective, constitute multiple “contact zones”—that is, places where disparate cultures confront, clash, and exchange meanings, goods, and services. The series is devoted to understanding the dynamic histories, religious practices, and cultural patterns generated by these contact zones throughout North America, Mesoamerica, and South America.


Women’s Biography Series

Kristie Miller, Melanie S. Gustafson, and Pamela Reeves, Series Editors

This series features brief biographies of American women who were prominent in the twentieth century, with special emphasis given to women in the American West.