Barbara Guth Worlds of Wonder Science Series for Young Readers

This series explores a variety of scientific subjects to make them comprehensible and engaging for middle school–age readers. It seeks to convey the thrill of science and to inspire further inquiry into the wonders of scientific research and discovery. The series also aims to provide adults, particularly parents and grandparents, with accessible and stimulating books they can share with children.

The Raptors of North America

A Coloring Book of Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Owls
By Anne Price
Illustrations by Donald Malick

The Raptors of North America provides a creative and educational overview of the majestic birds found throughout North America and encourages us to continue exploring the birds we find in our own backyards and beyond.

Subjects: ChildrenNature

The Science of Soccer

A Bouncing Ball and a Banana Kick
By John Taylor

In a book that targets middle and high school players, Taylor explains the science behind the most popular sport in the world, soccer.

Southwest Aquatic Habitats

On the Trail of Fish in a Desert
By Daniel Shaw

In this book a nationally honored science teacher tells true stories about real young people who study and care for water, fish, and other creatures in and around desert streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Wonders of Nuclear Fusion

Creating an Ultimate Energy Source
By Neal Singer

With accessible writing, Neal Singer introduces young readers to what fusion is-and isn't.

Cell Phone Science

What Happens When You Call and Why
By Michele SequeiraMichael Westphal

Authors Michele Sequeira and Michael Westphal help young people explore this now-commonplace, socially important gadget that connects today's youth with their friends.

Subjects: ChildrenScience


On the Trail of Habitat Change
By Daniel Shaw

Eco-tracking tells true life success stories of young people involved in citizen science efforts and how others can join in tracking climate change, local wildlife, and other parts of the natural world.

Powering the Future

New Energy Technologies
By Eva Thaddeus
Illustrations by Catherine Paplin

This lively introduction to alternative energy sources highlights the science that will play a vital role in our lives today and in the future.

What Are Global Warming and Climate Change?

Answers for Young Readers
By Chuck McCutcheon

Using a question-and-answer format supplemented by hands-on activities, this book fosters an understanding of the complex processes at work in global warming and climate change.

The Tree Rings' Tale

Understanding Our Changing Climate
By John Fleck

Science writer Fleck addresses one of the most important guiding principles for life in the arid West and one that scientists have long recognized: climate variability.

Hanging with Bats

Ecobats, Vampires, and Movie Stars
By Karen Taschek

Through fascinating photographs and text Hanging with Bats introduces young readers to these beneficial but often vilified creatures.

Subjects: ChildrenScience