Historians of the Frontier and American West

Western Women's Lives

Continuity and Change in the Twentieth Century
Edited by Sandra Schackel

The seventeen essays reprinted in this anthology address the ways in which western women have experienced the twentieth century.

Subjects: HistoryWomen

Ten Texas Feuds

By C. L. Sonnichsen

Based on painstaking research and interviews, Sonnichsen's tales bring to life the bloody feuds of the young state of Texas, where personal vengeance righted intolerable wrongs and settled unbearable grievances.

The Saga of Billy the Kid

By Walter Burns

First published in 1926, this dramatic biography forever installed outlaw Billy the Kid in the pantheon of mythic heroes from the Old West.


An Iliad of the Southwest
By Walter Burns

A mixture of fact and fiction, this is the book that defined Wyatt Earp's legend as a gunfighter-lawman.

European Immigrants in the American West

Edited by Frederick Luebke

An anthology of historical articles on European immigration to the American West in the 19th century.

The Santa Fe Trail

By R. L. Duffus

The lively history of this great trade artery is once more available.