Histories of the American Frontier Series

The Histories of the American Frontier Series, initiated by Ray Allen Billington, has been shaping the course of western and frontier history for nearly forty years. These volumes have served both to synthesize existing historiography and to set new directions for future scholarship. The Journal of American History has called the series “an outstanding contribution to American frontier history,” and no other series comes close to matching its extraordinary importance to its field over so many years. As we look ahead to new books, the series will continue to support the best original work on frontier and western regional history and will remain a source of outstanding volumes for scholars and students alike.

The American Military Frontiers

The United States Army in the West, 1783-1900
By Robert Wooster

This multifaceted narrative will shape students' understanding of the frontier military experience.

How Cities Won the West

Four Centuries of Urban Change in Western North America
By Carl Abbott

The author traces the evolution of early frontier towns at the beginning of Western expansion to the thriving urban centers they have become today.

Finding the West

Explorations with Lewis and Clark
By James Ronda

Documents not only the stories that Lewis and Clark offered about their "road across the continent," but also the large and important stories by and about the Native peoples whose trails they followed and whose lands they described in their journals.

Completing the Union

Alaska, Hawai'i, and the Battle for Statehood
By John Whitehead

The story of the thirteen-year effort to add the 49th and 50th states to the Union.

The Indian Frontier 1846-1890

Revised Edition
By Robert M. Utley

First published in 1984, Robert Utley's The Indian Frontier of the American West 1846-1890 is considered a classic for both students and scholars. For this revision, Utley includes scholarship and research that has become available in recent years.

Racial Frontiers

Africans, Chinese, and Mexicans in Western America, 1848-1890
By Arnoldo De León

Both a synthesis of the recent literature and an explanation of what happened when distinctly identifiable races interacted on the frontier.

The Indian Frontier 1763-1846

By Doug Hurt

A sweeping history of the cultural clashes between Indians and the British, Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans. A story of the contest for land and power across multiple and simultaneous frontiers.

Growing Up with the Country

Childhood on the Far Western Frontier
By Elliott West

This illustrated study shows how frontier life shaped children's character.

Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915

By Sandra Myres

Myres uses extensive source material by and about women to study the impact of the frontier on women's lives and the role of women in the West.

The Mexican Frontier, 1821-1846

The American Southwest Under Mexico
By David J. Weber

In this study, Weber reinterprets borderlands history from the Mexican perspective.