Histories of the American Frontier Series

The Histories of the American Frontier Series, initiated by Ray Allen Billington, has been shaping the course of western and frontier history for nearly forty years. These volumes have served both to synthesize existing historiography and to set new directions for future scholarship. The Journal of American History has called the series “an outstanding contribution to American frontier history,” and no other series comes close to matching its extraordinary importance to its field over so many years. As we look ahead to new books, the series will continue to support the best original work on frontier and western regional history and will remain a source of outstanding volumes for scholars and students alike.

Mining Frontiers of the Far West, 1848-1880

By Rodman Wilson Paul

The California Gold Rush was only the first of a series of rushes that brought the first permanent settlers to much of the Far West between 1848 and 1880. Despite a flood of popular writings on separate mining regions, this book is the first to view the entire movement as an integral part of the settlement process.