Jewish Latin America Series

Like a Bride and Like a Mother

By Rosa Nissán
Translated by Dick Gerdes

Two powerful autobiographical novels of being a Jewish woman in Mexico, dealing with her parents' dictates, and her husband's and family's expectations. The only constant in her life is a need to find her own way.

Yiddish South of the Border

An Anthology of Latin American Yiddish Writing
Edited by Alan Astro

Alan Astro has compiled the first anthology of Latin American Yiddish writings translated into English. Included are works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and Cuba, with one brief memoir by a Russian rabbi who arrived in San Antonio, Texas, in 1910.

Secrecy and Deceit

The Religion of the Crypto-Jews
By David M. Gitlitz

Comprehensive history of crypto-Jewish beliefs and social customs.

The Martyr

Luis de Carvajal, A Secret Jew in Sixteenth-Century Mexico
By Martin Cohen

Indicted by the Inquisition and burned at the stake in 1596 at the age of thirty, Luis left valuable literary documents--his memoirs, his last will and testament, and his letters to his mother and sisters in the inquisitorial prison.

The Collected Stories of Moacyr Scliar

By Moacyr Scliar
Translated by Eloah Giacomelli

From Brazil's most distinguished and important Jewish writer comes this anthology of powerful stories, bringing a compelling voice of the Jewish Diaspora to the English language.

The Book of Memories

By Ana Shua
Translated by Dick Gerdes

The humorous and moving story of three generations of a Jewish family in Argentina.

The Jewish Gauchos of the Pampas

By Alberto Gerchunoff
Translated by Prudencio de Pereda

Originally published in 1910, this stirring depiction of shtetl life in Argentina is once again available in paperback.