Pasó por Aquí Series on the Nuevomexicano Literary Heritage

Enrique Lamadrid, A. Gabriel Meléndez, and Genaro M. Padilla, Series Editors

The Pasó por Aquí Series emerged in the 1990s from the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Project, a gathering of scholars from universities across the United States engaged in recovering Hispanic works of literature and history that were published before 1960. While the goal of the series is the recovery of the Hispanic literary heritage of greater New Mexico, the editors recognize that part of the project also includes publishing new fiction and poetry in order to preserve a literary tradition that is often thematically, linguistically, and culturally interconnected. Moreover, scholarship in allied fields lends greater intellectual coherence to the series, and we therefore encourage the collection of photography, historical documents, religious artifacts, and other aspects of expressive culture in varied forms.

Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610

A Critical and Annotated Spanish/English Edition
By Gaspar Villagrá
Edited and Translated by Miguel EnciniasAlfred RodriguezJoseph P. Sánchez

Villagra's epic poem of Oñate's entry into New Mexico in 1598 is available again in this beautiful bilingual edition.

Romance of a Little Village Girl

By Cleofas Jaramillo

This memoir of growing up in northern New Mexico offers a unique and engaging portrait of daily life and customs from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth century.

Six Nuevomexicano Folk Dramas for Advent Season

By Larry Torres

This bilingual edition of these classic folk dramas is produced for both those acting in the plays, or for students of the literature.

We Fed Them Cactus

Second Edition
By Fabiola Cabeza de Baca

Documents the daily activities of Hispanic pioneers--buffalo hunting, horse breaking, sheep herding, preparing and preserving food, sewing, tending the sick, and educating children are included in this rich recuerdo, as well as stories of Comancheros, Tejanos, Americanos, and outlaws.

Tierra Amarilla

Stories of New Mexico/Cuentos de Nuevo Mexico
By Sabine Ulibarrí

First published in Spanish in 1964, this classic re-release is a bilingual presentation that offers delightful reading for anyone interested in the hues of Hispanic life in northern New Mexico.