The Albuquerque Museum

Visualizing Albuquerque

Art of Central New Mexico
By Joseph Traugott
Edited by Dawn Hall

Visualizing Albuquerque is a comprehensive overview of twelve thousand years of artistic activity in the central Rio Grande Valley.

Subjects: ArtNew Mexico

Sensory Crossovers

Synesthesia in American Art
By Sharyn UdallNancy Weekly

This catalogue brings alive synesthesia's underpinnings, with a broader study documenting the formal and expressive purposes these crossovers have served for American painters.

Subjects: Art

Jewel of the Railroad Era

Albuquerque's Alvarado Hotel
By Deborah C. Slaney

This publication not only assembles the details of the Alvarado Hotel's architectural history, renovations, and furnishings, but also repopulates it with the memories of its employees, residents, and guests.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

El Alma de España

The Soul of Spain
By Marcus B. BurkeSelma Holo

The first of three exhibitions presented as part of the City of Albuquerque's Tricentennial celebration, El Alma de España focuses on the work of Spanish Masters from sixteenth to early nineteenth-century Spain.

Subjects: Art

Prelude to Spanish Modernism

Fortuny to Picasso
By Mark Roglán

This book offers a study of the cosmopolitan development of Spanish painting in the latter half of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century, covering the time period between the death of Goya (in 1828) and the rise of Picasso.

Subjects: Art

The Thread of New Mexico

By Douglas Kent Hall

An in-depth and personal look into the lives and work of twenty-five noted New Mexico fiber artists culled from the state's many cultures and ethnicities.

Subjects: ArtSouthwest

Journey Without End

The Life and Art of Lawrence Calcagno
By Suzan Campbell

Surveys the work of a fifty-year career and shows Calcagno to have been an artist of depth and talent.

Subjects: Art

Wonders of the Weavers/Maravillas de los tejedores

Nineteenth-Century Rio Grande Weavings from the Collection of the Albuquerque Museum
By Deborah C. Slaney

Featured are thirty-seven of the Albuquerque Museum's most notable examples of Hispanic weavings including jergas, colchas and frazadas.

Subjects: Art