West End Press

Line of Sight

By Michele Gibbs

A fusion of word, image, and spirit from an exiled writer, artist, and activist.

Subjects: Literature

Ndakinna (Our Land)

New and Selected Poems
By Joseph Bruchac

Meditations on the land and heritage of the New England Abenaki Indians from award-winning native writer Joseph Bruchac.

Above the Line

New Poems
By Joseph Bruchac

A hopeful vision of the preservation of culture and the protection of the natural world from noted Abenaki Indian writer Joseph Bruchac.


By Julia Stein

These poems treat the condition of Jewish women in the Bible as a prelude to the trials, misfortunes, and victories of the twentieth century.

Watsonville/Circle in the Dirt

Watsonville: Some Place Not Here and Circle in the Dirt: El Pueblo de East Palo Alto
By Cherríe Moraga

These plays document the incursion of the white world of power and authority into poor, racially mixed communities.

Walker Woman

By Julia Stein

Poems of modern day survival, set in Los Angeles.

The Hungry Woman

The Hungry Woman: A Mexican Medea and Heart of the Earth: A Popul Vuh Story
By Cherríe Moraga

In these two plays Cherríe Moraga traverses the landscape of tragedy and comedy to show how myth and cultural history have shaped the Chicano Imagi-Nation.

I Hear Men Talking

Revised edition
By Meridel Le Sueur

Penelope, a girl in Depression-era rural Iowa, is witness to the personal and political dramas of her family and neighbors during hard times.

Subjects: FictionWomen

No Parole Today

By Laura Tohe

In prose and poetry, Tohe describes attending a government school for Indian children and the challenge it presented to her socially, culturally, and expressively.

Hard Country

By Sharon Doubiago