72 color photos, 5 halftones, 1 map

Published by New Mexico Magazine

The Allure of Turquoise

Second Edition
Edited by Arnold Vigil



This second edition of The Allure of Turquoise offers an illuminating look at the cherished gemstone that has come to symbolize the culture and history of the Southwest.

The powerful allure of New Mexico’s crown jewel comes alive through a diverse collection of feature stories contributed by some of the state’s best writers. Their work delves into many facets of turquoise, from the miracle of its geological creation and its centuries-old mining history to its significance and use in the lives of Native Americans.

Intriguing chapters touch on the mystery of old pawn, the treasures that reside in the world’s first Turquoise Museum, the innovative artistry of New Mexico’s contemporary Native jewelers, and how to distinguish the genuine article from cheap imitations. Readers will find plenty of turquoise lore and a fascinating essay on the strange-but-true relationship between ants and the blue-green stone.

Contributors to The Allure of Turquoise are Susan Arritt, Marc Simmons, David Gomez, Jon Bowman, Richard McCord, Gaye Brown de Alvarez, Jack Hartsfield, Patricia O’Connor, Steve Voynick, Ray Nelson, and Emily Drabanski. Photographer Mark Nohl’s exquisite color photographs embellish the text.

Subjects: Nature

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